Facebook Group Offers Support to Those Experiencing COVID-19 Grief

A grief support group on Facebook has grown to 4,000 members since the pandemic began.

With the holidays upon us, many are feeling lonely being separated with family. The luckiest of us just have to wait to see them next, but millions of people are grieving the loss of relatives and friends to COVID-19.

A grief support group on Facebook, created by Sabila Khan, whose father passed away in April, is hoping to lend some relief to the pain that so many are feeling in their time of loss.

“And now especially the holidays, is making the pain that much worse,” Khan told Inside Edition.

Throughout the pandemic, the group has grown to 4,000 members.

“This made it easier for me to carry this grief that I’m dealing with,” one grieving woman said.

Grief counselor Jeremy Barnett shared coping strategies with Inside Edition.

“A few things that people can do are journaling — get your thoughts down on paper. Connect as much as possible, whether it’s online, whether it’s FaceTime, phone. Really reach out to people,” Barnett said.

Staying connected is key to getting through this unprecedented holiday season.

“It is so helpful in reminding me that I’m not alone,” Khan said.