Facebook Message Leads Police to Person of Interest in 19-Year-Old Cold Case

Kevin Clewer
Facebook/Fernando - A 2004 Homicide Person of Interest

Kevin Clewer was found naked with 40 stab wounds that caused his death, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Justice in an Illinois cold case may finally be served after a Facebook message led investigators to a person of interest in the crime, according to reports.  

On March 24, 2004, police responded to the scene of the brutal murder of Kevin Clewer. His father had arrived earlier and found him naked with forty stab wounds that had caused his death, according to a video released by the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

Lieutenant William Svilar with the Homicide Division described it as “a type of crime that assaulted the conscience,” in the video. 

A sketch of a person of interest who investigators believe met up with Clewer the night he was murdered has been shared on a Facebook page in hopes of identifying the man known as “Fernando”.

In 2020, Clewer’s brother, Ron Clewer, who has been fighting for justice since his brother's death, received a Facebook message that ended up being a “legitimate lead," according to CBS News

From the message, police were able to identify the person known as Fernando and finally interview him, as well as another possible suspect in the case, KSLA reported. 

Detectives believe the name 'Fernando' may be an alias.

“The police do believe that this individual along with another person was involved in Kevin’s death,” Ron told KSLA.

Ron is hopeful that an arrest will happen soon but also is asking for more people to come forward if they know anything about Fernando to help provide more evidence, CBS News reported. 

“I am confident we will get enough information to arrest these guys. I also know it will take time. I’m a patient guy. Fernando - A 2004 Homicide Person of Interest your freedom is running out,” Ron wrote in a Facebook post.

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