Family Forgets to Feature Beloved Pug on Christmas Card and Recipients Hilariously Demand Answers

When the Haupert family's loved ones received their Christmas card this year, the immediately noticed that their beloved pug, Murphy, was nowhere to be seen. And they demanded answers.

Hanging family holiday cards in the home is a tradition many enjoy, as the season’s greetings serve as an update into loved ones’ lives. But one family that sent out their Christmas card this year was met with many a concerned response that boiled down to: where’s the dog?  

The Haupert family Christmas card is never complete without their beloved dog Murphy. Year after year, the little pug is front and center, an integral part of the family for sure. 

But friends and family who received the Hauperts’ card this year noticed something missing.  

Murphy was nowhere to be found. Instead, the family’s pet lizard, Scales, was featured, leaving many to fear the worst.  

Indeed, outraged inquiries and condolences began pouring in, keying the Hauperts in that their 2022 card did not have the intended reception and that they forgot to include 13-year-old Murphy this year.  

That’s right – Murphy is fit as a fiddle and still very much a part of the Haupert family.  

To make it up to the masses who thought Murphy was no more, the Hauperts created a new card to reassure everyone that he was OK.  

“My humans forgot to include me in this year's holiday card, but I assure you that I’m alive and well,” the card reads. “Pugs and kisses to you this holiday season.” 

And, the family says, such a mistake will never be made again. 

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