The Ohio Home Used in ‘A Christmas Story’ Is up for Sale

Christmas Story
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The house, which was built in 1895, served as the home in the beloved 1983 Christmas film.

Just in time for the holiday season, the Ohio home used in “A Christmas Story” is up for sale.

The home, which is just outside Cleveland, has been on the market since last month. The owner, who has owned it for nearly 20 years and has converted it into a museum, is being very particular as to who buys the famous house, according to Variety.

Brian Jones, who primarily lives near Jacksonville, Florida, told Variety that the idea of the sale of the home has been brewing for a while.

“I’d wanted to a put this up for sale for quite a number of years. It’s always been part of the plan after getting it up and running,” Jones said. “I’ve tried to tee this up for anybody who wants to take it to the next level. There’s more to do here: a candy store where you can see some grizzly bears, a Santa mountain. I’d love to add a Chinese restaurant and a BB-gun range. We can make it completely immersive for people.”

Jones first bought the house for roughly $100,000 in 2004 and put about $250,000 into renovations, Variety reports. Jones actually got the home, which was built in 1895, after winning a bid on eBay in 2004, according to the museum website.

Jones, however, isn’t just selling to anyone, Variety reports that he “is carefully screening individuals as ‘qualified buyers’ before signing them to confidentiality agreements.”

While it is unknown what designates a “qualified buyer,” the home has currently no price tag in the real estate listing.

Since purchasing the home, Jones also bought up various lots surrounding the house and made those part of the museum as well as gift shop.

“When we say all this can be yours, we’re serious. The entire campus is for sale, which spans a total of 1.3 acres including five buildings on seven parcels,” the real estate listing reads. “Additionally, there are two public and one private parking lots, and two empty lots which create room for further expansion.”

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