Isle of Vaila in Scotland Up for Sale for $2.1 Million, Includes Mansion, Bell Tower and Miles of Coastline

Aerial view of Shetland Island coast.
Aerial view of Shetland Island coast.Getty Images

For $2.1 million, you can buy an entire island.

An entire island is on the market!

The Shetland Islands archipelago's Isle of Vaila is up for sale for $2.1 million.

This 757-acre island, located north of Scotland’s mainland, includes a 17th-century mansion, about 6.5 miles of coastline and a bell tower that's more than 120 years old, according to a listing for the island.

The owners, Richard Rowland and Dorota Rychlik, have owned Vaila for over three decades.

“We’ve had 30 fantastic years here, and we’re getting on in years now, so I think the time has come for someone else to take on the place,” Rowland told the Shetland News.

The island was previously owned by Herbert Anderton, who bought the land in 1893. Rowland and Rychlik told the Shetland News that the furniture in the home had been preserved when they bought it.

“It’s all still there really. We changed one or two things but not a lot,” Rowland told the Shetland News, noting the furnishings could be included in the sale of the island. 

The Isle of Vaila is a part of the Shetland Islands archipelago, the United Kingdom's northernmost part. It is comprised of 100 scattered islands. Vaila is separated from mainland Shetland by Vaila Sound, which the island's listing says is 10-minute boat journey away. Rowland said that the boat needed to travel back and forth to the mainland could also be included in the island's sale.

"Current management of the island by the owners as an organic farm has ensured its diversity of flora and fauna has flourished. A great variety of bird life visits the island including seabirds such as fulmars, great skuas, kittiwakes and puffins and estuary birds including curlews, snipe, and oyster catchers," the listing said. "Other visitors include otters and orcas which are often seen playing in the turquoise waters in the surrounding Vaila, Wester and Easter Sounds.

"The Isle of Vaila offers a rare opportunity to own a beautiful Scottish island in its entirety with complete privacy, tranquility and truly breathtaking coastal scenery. As described by the 20th century English Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman, 'I can think of few nicer places in the world,'" the listing continued. 

The island also includes a two-bedroom cottage.

In 2020, the island was listed for sale for just $300,000, the New York Post reported.

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