Megan Alexander's Children's Book and Travel Show Showcase the Joys of a Small Town Christmas

Inside Edition national correspondent Megan Alexander has channeled her love for Christmas into the travel show, UPtv's "Small Town Christmas," and her new children’s book, “The Magic of Small Town Christmas."

Inside Edition national correspondent Megan Alexander has channeled her love for Christmas and the ways in which small towns celebrate the holiday season into a travel show and a children’s book. 

“I love decorating early and I love travelling to small towns across the country to see how they celebrate the holiday season, so much so that I created and host a holiday travel show,” Alexander says. 

In UPtv’s “Small Town Christmas,” Alexander takes viewers to experience Christmas in a different small town around the U.S. 

“When I return from these towns, I love to tell my kids about where I’ve been,” says Alexander, a mom of two boys. “And I thought, ‘How can I put this into little kid format?’ And that's through story time, so I wrote a brand new Christmas book!” 

“The Magic of Small Town Christmas” takes those young and young at heart to the imaginary town of Heartbeat Falls.  

“In the town of Heartbeat Falls, where skies are crystal clear, the magic of Christmas is celebrated in many different ways: from picking the perfect tree to decorating it with glittering ornaments; from ice skating to eating yummy gingerbread cookies; from hanging handmade stockings to sharing a homecooked meal. Here, the residents know the beauty of a small town doesn’t come from its size, but from the love shared by its people, shining brightly in their eyes,” the book’s description reads.  

The picture book was illustrated by Hiroe Nakata and celebrates “the joys, wonders, and traditions of a small-town Christmas in the spirit of her show, ‘Small Town Christmas.’” 

“I believe this story encompasses all of those traits that we love in our small towns during the holidays,” Alexander says. “We want our kids to know Christmas is about so many shiny fun things, but most importantly it’s about the family and friends that make it special.”

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