Meet ‘Nana Baubles,’ and Adam Wilde, Both World Record Holders for Their Christmas Collectables

It's safe to say that these two are easy to shop for.

Their Christmas spirit earned these two people Guinness World Records

Sylvia Pope, aka "Nana Baubles" from Wales, has almost 18,000 Christmas ornaments, making her owner of the largest collection of Christmas bauble ornaments. 

She proudly displays them in her home every year, and even though it takes her a while to put them all up, she says the reaction that she gets from her family is priceless. 

"When my grandchildren brought their children here, and they saw what I'd done to the ceiling," Pope said, "they were, 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.' Every year they can't wait for them to go up. They know that it's coming toward Christmas."

And another Brit collects a different kind of kitsch. Adam Wide owns the largest collection of Christmas brooches.

He has close to 8,000 of them and says his obsession started on a whim.

"I thought, that's rather nice — gay man, sparkly thing in a cabinet," he explained. "So I bought my very first brooch. But as soon as I started buying them and getting involved and interested in brooches, it became absolutely obsessive. It's fascinating."

Since starting his collection about 40 years ago, he estimates it is now worth £350,000.

With Christmas approaching, their hobbies probably make them easy to shop for. 

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