Family Grieves Beloved Mom of 6 Shot and Killed in Passenger Seat in Disturbing Road-Rage Incident

Julie and Ryan Eberly were on the way to a weekend getaway to celebrate their wedding anniversary when another driver shot into the passenger side door, striking and killing Julie.

A Pennsylvania family has been left shattered after a road-rage nightmare. Julie Eberly, a mom of six, was shot to death inside the car on the way to a weekend getaway with her husband, Ryan, to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary.

“I lost my friend. I lost my soulmate,” Ryan told Inside Edition.

The couple was just three hours from their destination in Hilton Head, South Carolina, when Ryan changed lanes on the highway. Cops say he got close to another driver, who proceeded to steer to the passenger side, lowered the window and opened fire into the passenger door where Julie was sitting.

“My wife yelled out my name. The passenger window on my car was shattered. I asked her if she was hit and she said yes,” Ryan said.

Ryan pulled over to try to help stop the bleeding from Julie’s hip.

“I aided her as best I could, held pressure on her wound, and she stopped breathing and that's when I started CPR,” Ryan said.

Julie, 47, was rushed to the hospital, but couldn’t be saved.

While Inside Edition was with the grieving family, they got a call that they hope could lead to a break in the case.

“They have identified the car for sure as a silver Chevy Malibu,” Ryan’s mother, Susan Eberly, told Inside Edition. Cops released a photo of the suspected shooter’s car.

The family is still grieving Julie's death. Her parents, Mike and Lynn Hamaker, are devastated.

“I'm not after revenge or retaliation. I’m after justice,” Ryan said.