Father Says Silly Prank Nearly Ended in Disaster for 2 Teen Boys

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A father says a silly prank nearly ended in disaster for two teen boys, including his son, in Roseville, California

Video shows a boy punch an inflatable snowman decoration on a man's front lawn, laughing as he knocks the inflatable's lights out while his friend watches. But then, the home's owner came running out and gave chase, holding a gun, according to one of the boys' fathers. 

Fourteen-year-old Christian Perry's dad said he was shocked the man kicked in his front door and held his son at gunpoint. 

"This is the first thing I saw: A guy just like this pointing a gun at my son and his friend," he said. "I then came sprinting at him and tackled him out the door. The boys were here, I slammed the door."

Tune in to Inside Edition to see what the father says happened next. 


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