Father Takes 3-Year-Old on Daddy-Daughter Date to Show Her How She Deserves to Be Treated

He wanted to show her that she is special.

A Louisiana dad went all out for his 3-year-old daughter on their daddy-daughter date last week. 

Detric Clark said he wanted his toddler, Kinsley, to know she’s special. On Valentine’s Day, while his wife, Ashley Clark, stayed home with their 4-month-old son, the dad took Kinsley out for a planned date. 

“I didn’t expect him to dress it up the way that he did,” Ashley Clark said of her husband. "He went out and bought her a blue dress and got her a card.”

Detric Clark said he wanted to show his daughter how she deserves to be treated. 

“I just feel like she sees me all the time showing her mom love. I wanted to show her that she deserves the same love,” Detric Clark told InsideEdition.com.

Her mother read her the special card and the toddler cried at the kind gesture.

“Hello my beautiful princess," the card read. "Get dress[ed]. I’m taking you to your favorite spot."

Kinsley was more than excited for the date when her dad got down on one knee and gave her a red rose beforehand.

“She was too thrilled,” Ashley Clark said. “When I read the card to her, she was like, ‘For me?’ She was so excited."

Ashley Clark decided to pop in to record the special date and the post quickly went viral. 

“I just wanted to take my daughter out and show her a good time,” Detric Clark said. “I want to give my wife and daughter the best. If I show her the best, she is going to expect it.”