FBI Joins Search for Los Angeles Firefighter Missing in Mexico

Family Handout
Family Handout

Los Angeles firefighter Francisco Aguilar's family now believes there is foul play involved.

A firefighter is missing after traveling to Mexico from his California home, and the FBI is now assisting in the investigation. Los Angeles firefighter Francisco Aguilar, 48, arrived in Rosarito, Mexico last Thursday to check on his vacation home, according to reports.

He talked to his family throughout the day and his family added that he knows the area well. But when his family didn’t hear from him Thursday evening, they said they grew worried, as that was unusual, according to reports.

His brother traveled to Mexico to look for Aguilar at the condo and found it had been ransacked, ABC 7 reported.

Aguilar was nowhere to be found, and his family now believes there is foul play involved.

Also missing were his Jeep truck and a dirt bike. The family is hoping the father of two will be located soon.

“We don’t know what we would do without him. It’s just so crazy that this is even happening in the first place, but we really just need him to come home. Like, right now,” his daughters, Bella and Anaris Aguilar, told NBC Los Angeles.

The family has filed a missing person report in Tijuana. The FBI is working in conjunction with the Mexican authorities on the case.

“We haven’t been able to find him and we are fearing for the worst,” Martha Carmona, Aguilar’s mother, told CBS Los Angeles.