Fearing Home Invasion, Bachelorette Party Calls 911 on People Living in Basement of Airbnb Rental

The bride's sister tells Inside Edition they had no idea that people were living in the basement of the home they rented on Airbnb. Police later determined that the residents were legitimate tenants, and the property was taken off Airbnb.

A woman rented an Airbnb for her sister's bachelorette party and says she got the surprise of her life when she found people living in the basement.

“There was a stranger in the basement, and we didn’t know he was there,” she said. 

She says she rented the home in Providence, Rhode Island, for eight friends, assuming they had the whole place to themselves. They stayed there for a long weekend, having a great time, without ever realizing they were not the only ones in the house.

“He's basically rattling the doorknob, he's saying, ‘Let me in, I live in the basement,’” the woman said.

Fearing it was a burglar, the friends called 911 and hid upstairs.

Police bodycam footage shows officers arriving at the house, climbing through an open window and heading into the basement.

“Open up the door, please,” an officer says.

“Why do I need to open up the door for you? You don't have a f****** warrant,” a woman responds.

“I don't need a warrant. Somebody broke in here,” the cop says.

“Nobody broke in here! I live here!” the woman said.

Video shows the people who live in the basement apartment talking to police, who later determined they are legitimate tenants.

The friends say they got a refund from Airbnb, but they're upset they were not made aware someone lived in the basement apartment..

The property manager told Inside Edition the basement apartment is a completely separate unit with its own entrance. The house has now been taken down from Airbnb.

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