Fertility Blogger Who Documented IVF Pregnancy Dies While Giving Birth

Vanessa Fernandez Arango poses with her baby bump during her pregnancy.
Vanessa Fernandez Arango poses with her baby bump during her pregnancy.(Twitter/_sintrompasyaloloco_)

Vanessa Fernandez Arango often spoke about her two ectopic pregnancies.

Fertility blogger Vanessa Fernandez Arango, who documented her struggle to conceive, died during childbirth after celebrating a successful pregnancy via IVF.

Her son Alvaro, who was born earlier this month, survived.

Fernandez Arango, of Bilbao, Spain, fainted on Sept. 2 as she was having breakfast and was rushed to the hospital. She was 38 weeks pregnant at the time.

Doctors performed an emergency cesarean section to save her baby, and Alvaro was born with serious health issues and sent to the NICU.

Vanessa went into cardiac arrest and died.

“Thank you so much for the encouragement and the gestures of love for the two of us," her husband Jonathan wrote in Spanish on her Instagram account.

It was on that page where Vanessa and Jonathan often shared the emotional stories of their journey to parenthood — including details on their two ectopic pregnancies and emergency surgeries.

After birth, baby Alvaro was given donated breast milk and returned home from intensive care after nearly two weeks.

The grieving father thanked their 13,000 fans and followers for their support and vowed to continue his late wife’s mission of supporting other parents in need.