Fiona the Hippo to Star in Her Very Own Children's Book


New York Times best-selling illustrator, Richard Cowdrey, wants to share the beloved hippo's story.

She was an internet sensation from the moment she was born, and now Fiona the Hippo is going to be the star of an upcoming children’s book.

Fiona, the most notable resident of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, has such an inspirational story that New York Times best-selling illustrator Richard Cowdrey wants to share it with children around the world.

Fiona was born two months premature in January 2017, weighing just 29 pounds. At the time, the baby hippo could barely stand and couldn't nurse from her mom, Bibi.

With the help of intensive care and attention from zoo workers, Fiona became stronger by the day and achieved online notoriety and a huge internet following.

Whether it was photobombing a proposal, learning to swim, celebrating her first birthday or predicting the winning team for the 2017 Super Bowl, Fiona is living life to the fullest under the eyes of her supportive fan base.

Cowdrey, a Cincinnati native himself, told "Good Morning America" this book was for his "fellow Cincinnatians" and it expresses the importance of "having people that love you help you through the toughest of times."

Cowdrey, known for his illustrations in the "Marley" children's book series, said the first Fiona book will be based on her struggles and success.

"The book will have the themes of love, family and friendship," he told "GMA."

The zoo, which loves the idea, will be taking part in the celebration when the book is released on Aug. 7.

"When a New York Times best-selling artist reaches out to you with an idea, you listen," said Chad Yelton, head of marketing for the zoo told "GMA."

Yelton said the zoo will have a drawing demonstration, a book signing and an ice cream party at Hippo Cove.

"Fiona has clearly inspired millions of people around the world," Yelton added.

Fiona was the first Nile hippo to be born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 75 years.