Fiona the Hippo Shows Off Her Speedy Swimming Skills

The Cincinnati Zoo's most famous resident is stronger than ever.

Fiona is still making a splash!

America's favorite hippo has been showing off her speed in the water.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden shared footage of its most famous resident racing around her enclosure on Saturday.

"Although hippos spend most of their lives in water, they don’t actually float or swim," the zoo wrote on the video. "They walk along the bottom and propel themselves to the surface for air."

Fiona, a Nile hippo, was born six weeks premature in January 2017. She weighed just 29 pounds, which was 25 pounds lighter than the lowest recorded birth weight for the species, the zoo reported.

But she defied the odds, growing to more than 650 pounds and quickly becoming an internet darling.

The zoo continues to share regular updates of her naps, playtimes and photobombs. The zoo celebrated her first birthday in January with a hippo-friendly cake.