Fire Crew Completes Pizza Delivery That Was Sidelined by Car Crash

Fire crew delivers pizza
Pizza is important.Facebook

The Henrietta Fire District understands the public's need for a good slice.

A fire crew in New York State understands, as we all do, the public's need for a good pizza.

That's why, when a delivery driver vehicle was involved in a car accident that threatened to sideline a customer's enjoyment of a piping hot pie, the friendly folks of Henrietta Fire stepped in.

Henrietta Engine 642 first completed their own job, of course, and waited until the driver was loaded into an ambulance before taking hold of the pizza.

Just down the road from where they answered the call, the crew delivered the pizza themselves.

They even "thanked the customer for deciding to order out and not risk burning food and setting off the fire alarm!" according to a Facebook post.

That same post on Saturday came with proof that the pie, indeed, completed the journey to its final destination.

Photos show a grinning firefighter as he hands off the pizza to the equally amused, if a little bit confused, customer.