Firefighter Adopts Kitten He Rescued That Got Its Head Stuck in Basketball Hoop

Thankfully, the feline was okay.

A lucky kitten didn’t have to use one of its nine lives, thanks to a team of Louisiana firefighters

The feline somehow managed to get its head stuck in the base of a basketball hoop, leaving firefighters from the St. Tammany Fire Protection District #1 tasked with cutting it out. 

With pliers, the animal’s head was gently cut from the base of the hoop.

The kitten seemed a tad traumatized after the ordeal as the firefighters pulled him out, but soon enough, it appeared to be OK.

The kitten has since been adopted by one of its rescuers.

"As if rescuing the kitten who’s head was stuck in a basketball goal wasn’t enough, Firefighter Eric Dupuy has decided to adopt the kitten and provide it with a forever home," a spokesperson with the fire station said.