Firefighter Rescues Golden Retriever From Freezing Creek, Now Plans to Adopt It

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A kindhearted Maryland firefighter who rescued a soggy golden retriever is now hoping to provide a forever home for the canine.

The pup, estimated to be around 10 years old, was discovered freezing near a creek Friday.

When Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Battalion arrived, firefighter Jesse McCullough can be seen in a video of the dramatic rescue lowering himself down into the creek with a ladder and meeting the scared pup.

Authorities said the golden retriever happily wagged his tail when he saw McCullough.

Although the dog was too cold to climb up the ladder himself, firefighters brought him to safety and fed him chicken and water when they returned to the firehouse, where the pup fell asleep for the night.

While officials later found a microchip on the dog, they said it was not registered to an owner.

McCullough said he plans to adopt the dog if its owners do not come forward.


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