Firefighter Stops Parade to Propose to His Girlfriend — and Her 2-Year-Old Daughter

"She's such an amazing little girl," Matt Poliak said of 2-year-old Isla.

A Wisconsin firefighter stole the show at a holiday parade by proposing to his girlfriend — and her 2-year-old daughter.

Grace Johnson and her daughter, Isla, were at the Winter Daze Parade in Menomonie on Dec. 14 when a fire truck carrying her boyfriend, Matt Poliak, stopped along the route.

A video shows Poliak jumping from the truck to walk toward Johnson. Isla ran to meet him, followed by her mom.

Poliak then dropped to one knee and presented a ring to his girlfriend as the crowd cheered.

He then pulled out another ring for her daughter. Both gave him a big "yes."

Poliak, who's been dating Johnson for nearly two years, said he started planning the parade proposal in October. 

"I figured it would be an easy way to get all of our friends and family to be around without raising Grace’s suspicions," he told

And his plan worked.

"Grace was very surprised," he said. "She did not expect it in a public setting."

He added that it was always important for him to make Isla part of the proposal. He's known her since she was a baby.

"I always knew I wanted to include Isla because she’s such an amazing little girl and it was important for her to be asked if she wanted to be part of my family," he said.