Flight Attendant Says You Shouldn't Drink Coffee on Planes

A flight attendant shared tips for flying with Inside Edition.

A flight attendant is sharing secrets that airlines won't tell you, including that you might want to not order coffee or tea on a plane. 

Inside Edition went to Air Hollywood and met up with flight attendant Jamila Hardwick, who says her colleagues never order warm beverages when they fly. 

“The thing about the coffee and tea, the pipes are rarely cleaned,” she said. 

She also has advice on a soda: Diet Coke takes longer to pour because it fizzes up more than any other soda on a flight

“I don’t know what it is about the chemistry in Diet Coke and us being 40,000 feet in the air. By the time we pour it, we could have three other drinks poured,” she claimed.

She went on to explain why you shouldn’t ask a flight attendant to help you store your luggage.

“We do not get paid until the boarding door is close,” she said. “If we get hurt while putting that bag in the overhead bin, we do not get to write it off as an on-job injury.” 

Next is a little secret about blankets and pillows. “Bring your own. These get washed, but we are not so sure how great they are washed. Same for the pillow. They will take the lining off the pillow and give you a new one but you still have the pillow in there that's dirty,” she said. 

Speaking of germs, the flight attendant reveals your tray table is covered with them. 

She said passengers should bring their own disposable cleaning towel and wipe them down. 

One last secret is flight attendants judge you by what you wear.

“We’re not supposed to tell you this, but we think, ‘Why would you wear that on a plane?’” she said. 

Finally, she said a little kindness goes a long way.

“We are more likely to help you find a better seat if you are nice to us and maybe get an extra drink or two,” she said. 

In a statement to Inside Edition, A4A (Airlines for America), said: “Every crewmember’s number one priority – from boarding to arrival – is safety, and they take that responsibility seriously. Flight attendants work hard to get travelers safely to their destinations across the country and around the world, while ensuring an enjoyable environment for everyone. The safety of passengers and crew also includes the provision of clean drinking water and amenities. The onboard water systems are filled with water from municipal systems, which is the same water source used throughout the airport, including for water fountains and restaurants, and delivered to homes, businesses and local communities each and every day. Airlines work closely with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that water received from municipalities is safe and to maintain that safety by following rigorous sampling and management requirements, which include disinfection and flushing of the aircraft water tanks on a schedule required by regulation. Airlines work continuously to ensure a clean and comfortable cabin area for their passengers, as carriers know that the cleanliness of the aircraft is important to customers when they make their travel decisions.”