Tips for Organizing Your Fridge

A professional organizer has ways to keep your refrigerator clean and tidy.

This couple needs refrigerator rehab.

Jennifer and Jamie Vanezia have three hungry kids — which means their fridge is packed to the max. As soon as someone opens the door, blueberries come spilling out and go rolling across the floor.

"We need help," the kids pleaded with Inside Edition.

Professional organizer Kathy Vines came to the family's rescue and visited their Watertown, Massachusetts, home. Inside Edition was there for the overhaul.

Here are the top tips Vines gave to the Vanezias to tidy up the fridge.

1. Take Everything Out of the Fridge

Remove every single item from the fridge and place it on the counter. That way, you can see everything you have out in the open.

2. Toss What You Don't Use

Vines said having too many items packed into the fridge not only wastes space but it can keep the cold air from properly circulating around food. The fridge can't do its job. And if items are knocking into each other in the fridge, spills can happen and lead to contamination. Vines said to get rid of those crusty leftovers from last week's dinner and combine the two half-empty bottles of jelly. 

3. Give It a Good Clean

Scrub down all the shelves, nooks and crannies in the fridge. Wipe up all the spilled juice and get the food that may have fallen through the cracks.

4. Utilize the New Space

Vines said it's good to create zones in the fridge. Fruits and veggies can go into the bottom bins. Most-used items like juices and snacks should be place in easy-to-reach spots. And shelf stackers can help stack items vertically.