Tips for Spring Cleaning

Getting rid of dust is a must.

It's time for a spring clean and these are the gadgets to get the job done.

"Many of them are really inexpensive and multi-purpose," said lifestyle journalist and shopping expert Trae Bodge.

First up: a microfiber brush that can easily clean blinds or ceiling fans.

"You can also use it for other things that are hard to get into, like your heater," Bodge said. "What is great is that it comes with replacement [cloths] so you can pop it off, you can pop on another one and you can keep going."

A plastic drain snake — a long piece of plastic with teeth along its edges — can help you pull unwanted gunk from your bathroom drains. When Bodge put it to the test, it quickly pulled clumps of hair from the drain.

"It worked!" said Inside Edition's Ann Mercogliano. "Oh, it's disgusting!"

Bodge then put in a TubShroom drain protector, a removable plug that catches all the gunk.

"You just pop it into your drain and it catches everything before it creates a problem," Bodge said.

Bodge also recommends using a hanger with multiple hooks for scarves, belts and ties. When you're done, just put it on the back of your closet door.

"We saved a lot of space," Mercogliano said.

A see-through container can be used to keep hair accessories or jewelry easily organized. "It just allows me to see everything in one place," Bodge said.

And rather than shoving socks in a drawer, make them easy to find with drawer organizers.

"These drawer organizers are flexible so you can put them together in different ways, you can trim them so they fit any drawer," Bodge said as she demonstrated fitting them in the drawer.

Finally, boot shapers help boots keep their shape while in storage.