Florida Authorities Release 911 Call From Man Clinging to Hood of Car: 'I Really Need Help!'

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The 911 call made from a South Florida man desperately clinging to the hood of a car speeding at 70 miles an hour has been released. 

“Yes, I’m on top of a speeding vehicle — someone's trying to steal my car," 22-year-old Junior Francis is heard telling the operator. 

The dispatcher then asked for his address, to which Francis replied: "I don't even know where I’m at." 

With Francis holding on for dear life, the car reached speeds of 70 mph down Interstate 95 during the terrifying, 19-mile trip.

The driver was Francis' ex-girlfriend, Patresha Isidore. 

"She's swerving the car and I’m on top of the car,” Francis says on the call. "I really need help!"

The drama began when the pair got into an argument over who was going to drive the Mercedes sedan.  

“As I was getting ready to go and pick up my daughter he hopped on top of the car," Isidore told told WSVN. "I told him, 'Get off the car! Get off the car!' And he wouldn't get off the car."

The couple split up eight months ago, but is still trying to live together. They have a 5-year-old daughter together.  

The viral video was taken by Daniel Midah on his cellphone as he drove parallel to the car. 

“He looked really calm," Midah told Inside Edition. "It looked like he had done this before. The lady inside looked really calm."

Cops pulled the car over and Isadore was charged with negligence and exposure to harm.  

She spoke to WSVN after being released on bond.  

“I never thought to myself that I shouldn't be driving because I was scared and I had to go get my child," she told the station. 

Although her ex is not pressing charges against her, she says she may take out a restraining order against him.


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