Florida Cops Find 3 Children, 245 Animals in Home in 'Deplorable Conditions'

Images show inside a home in Florida where authorities say they found three children and 245 animals.
City of Edgewater Police Department

Florida officers dispatched to check on the well-being of three children Sunday ended up removing them, as well as 245 animals, from the home, according to police. 

The Edgewater Police Department posted on Facebook that it was "immediately evident" the children and the animals were not being cared for, and said the residence in question was in "deplorable conditions."

According to police, a dead guinea pig was rotting in a cage and animal droppings were scattered throughout the house.

The children, ages 8, 9 and 10, were taken from the home by the Department of Children and Families and given to a relative for the time being. 

The animals were brought to the Edgewater Animal Shelter. The 245 animals recovered included four dogs, two cats, nine living guinea pigs and the one dead one, 12 rabbits, four hamsters, 10 sugar gliders, 14 birds, one gecko, one tortoise, one hedgehog, seven bearded dragons and one leopard-spotted gecko. The bulk of the animals were made up of 95 mice and 60 adult rats and 23 baby rats. 

Three adults are charged with three counts of child abuse and 66 counts of animal cruelty in connection to the incident. Greg and Susan Nelson are in custody, while a third woman, Melissa Hamilton, remains at large. They have not yet entered pleas.

It is not clear what their relation might be to the children.


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