Florida Deputy Says Stopping a Runaway Speedboat Boat Was a ‘Rush’

Deputy Travis Fernandes jumped into a runaway speedboat going 40 miles an hour.

A Florida sheriff deputy is being hailed a hero after leaping into a speedboat going 40 miles an hour after its driver fell into the water.

Deputy Travis Fernandes sprung into action after a speedboat went out of control. Fernandes jumped from his patrol boat onto the speeding vessel. Once onboard, he took control and throttled down as backup arrived.

“It was a rush.” Fernandes says. “It was awesome to be able to stop that vessel.”

The driver of the boat fell into the ocean and was rescued.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to address Fernandes’ impressive act.

“Deputy Fernandes does his own stunts,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

Meanwhile, on the western coast of the state, a 25-year-old was rescued after being lost at sea for nearly two days.

The Coast Guard found Charles Gregory clinging to a partially submerged boat as sharks circled by the coast of St. Augustine, Florida.

Gregory’s parents were overjoyed when he was brought back to shore. The young man was severely sunburned and suffering from jellyfish stings but happy to be alive.

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