Florida Firefighters Rescue Woman Trapped in Massage Chair

Foot Stuck
The City of Naples Fire Rescue

What was supposed to be a relaxing day for the woman turned into an afternoon of tension as she was stuck in the massage chair.

Florida firefighters had to spring into action and rescue a woman who was trapped in a massage chair after her foot got caught in the piece of furniture, UPI reported.

A patient was in the massage chair on October 14 when her leg was stuck, and when firefighters arrived to scene they found that the woman's foot was stuck in a part of the chair intended to massage the legs, the City of Naples Fire Rescue said.

The City of Naples Fire Rescue posted images and video of the firefighters taking the chair apart to free the patient, however, they did not specify if this was in a mall, doctor’s office or even someone’s home.

“Power was secured to the chair and the chair was taken apart. The steel rods hold the rollers cut with a grinder in order to free the patient’s leg,” officials said.

The unidentified woman was examined by paramedics and released at the scene.

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