Florida K-9 Chases Down Suspected Car Thief and Wrestles Him to the Ground

The suspect screamed, ""Ow! Ow! Ow!" as the K-9 bit him in the buttocks.

A Florida K-9 named Shep grabbed hold of a suspected car thief and wouldn't let go.

The Pasco County Sheriff's dog is seen on recently released body cam footage jumping from a patrol car driven by his human partner, Deputy Nick Carmack, and running after a man in a hot pink T-shirt.

"Get 'em, Shep! Get 'em, Shep!" Carmack shouts to the German shepherd. The man they were pursuing, who was allegedly driving a stolen car, can be seen running through a residential back yard before attempting to climb over a chain link fence. 

That's when Shep jumped up and took a mouthful of the suspect's behind, wrestling him to the ground as Deputy Carmack comes running over.

In the footage, the man is screaming "Ow! Ow! Ow!" while Shep growls and shakes his head with the man's backside still in his mouth.

Later, another K-9 unit ran down the man's accomplice, who also ran from the vehicle.

Both men were charged with grand theft auto, fleeing to elude police and child neglect, as there was an infant in the stolen car, the sheriff's department said.