Florida Man Proposes Amid 'Arrest' for Illegal U-Turn

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What Beth thought was a traffic stop for an illegal U-turn turned out to be something much better.

Jim and Beth had already been planning to get married, but he had yet to present her with a ring. So, together with his buddies at the Jupiter Police Department in Florida, Jim staged a proposal for the ages. 

"She was well content thinking she was gonna get the ring when we got down to the Florida Keys," Jim told InsideEdition.com. Little did Beth know what Jim actually had in store for her....

As they were driving, Jim purposefully made an illegal U-turn and one of Jim's police pals pulled them over in the parking lot of the Starbucks where Jim works.

Things quickly escalated, and Jim was told to step out of the car and was handcuffed

A confused Beth was then asked to come out with her hands up.  "He ends up taking me out of the car, I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, I don't know what's going on but I'm putting my hands up I don't have anything!'" said Beth.

At her feet? Jim, presenting her with a beautiful ring. 

"Even when he got down on one knee, I'm still thinking, 'It's a U-turn,'" Beth said.

The whole encounter was filmed by one of Jim's colleagues at the Starbucks.

Beth is looking forward to their future together, but also to giving Jim his own shock of a lifetime.

"I just haven't thought of anything," she said.


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