93-Year-Old Great-Grandmother and 'Cops' Super Fan Is 'Arrested' as Birthday Surprise

93-year-old Simone Dumont is loaded in the back of a police cruiser for her birthday.
93-year-old Simone Dumont is loaded in the back of a police cruiser for her birthday.Anne Dumont

Simone Dumont of Augusta, Georgia, is a huge fan of the TV show "Cops."

A 93-year-old great-grandmother and super fan of the reality show "Cops" found herself right in the center of the police docuseries’ plot line when she thought she was being arrested.

Simone Dumont of Augusta, Georgia, was “arrested” and hauled into the back of a police cruiser, all as a birthday surprise from her daughter.

“I was the one that arranged it and just wanted mom to see the inside of the car,” Simone's daughter, Anne Dumont, told InsideEdition.com. “Mom didn’t know about it.”

She explained her mom watches every episode of "Cops," which is now in its 31st season.

For Simone's 93rd birthday, Anne decided to organize a small surprise with the help of the Augusta Police Department for her dear mother.

“I kept it small because she doesn’t like surprises and she doesn’t like to be in the limelight,” Anne explained.

The pair and some close family members were gathered on the porch when suddenly a police car drove up.

“She immediately said, ‘What is that cop doing here?’” Anne said. “I said, ‘What did you do?’ […] I told mom he was here for her.”

Anne then helped her mom out of her seat and let the officer take over, which is when he let her into the backseat to snap a few pictures before showing her the front seat and letting her sound the siren.

“She might have been nervous, but the officer was very gentle and kind with her, and she kind of went with it,” Anne said. “She thanked him and gave him a hug.”

Anne explained the experience was extra special because of her mom’s admiration to law enforcement.

“The perps lie, try to get away with what they did or try to run away, fight back or shoot at the cops,” Anne said. “She is so amazed [by] what the cops have to go through.”