New Jersey Driver Finds Baby Crawling Across Road

The driver posted a photo of the baby on the road, and it went viral.

Cory Cannon had just round a bend and thought he saw something in the road. It was small, so he slowed down, thinking he didn't want to run over it.

Then the object moved. Cannon, a 41-year-old cable TV installer, realized it was a baby.

The New Jersey resident was on his way to an installation job, so his phone was in his hand. "I was using GPS," he told Monday. He jumped from his work truck, and snapped a few photos as he stopped traffic. 

"I knew I needed to document it," he said. As a 6-foot, 2-inch black man, he said, he also feared picking up the child, who looked to be about 6 to 7 months old and is Caucasian. "Me picking up a random child wasn't a good idea," he said. 

So he got the attention of some people standing outside of their house. "A woman came over and picked the child up," Cannon said. The baby wasn't hers, so Cannon said they walked up to the nearest house.

The screen door was ajar and the front door was open, Cannon said. "I knocked on the door ... and a child came to the door. Then a man came. I asked if that was his child and he said, 'Yes.' Then he apologized to me, and I was thinking 'you should really be apologizing to the baby,' but I don't want to judge," Cannon said. 

He has a 4-month-old daughter, Cannon said. "I would have been hysterical," he said.

Once the baby was safely inside, Cannon said he drove on to his installation appointment. He called the police on his way, and officers met him at the house where he was providing service. 

The incident is under investigation by Lakewood police, but no arrests have been made, authorities said.

After Cannon posted his baby-in-the-road photo on his Facebook page, it quickly went viral, to his great surprise."I just wanted my friends and family to see it," he said. 

Then comments started to roll in that questioned his decision to take photos of the baby. Cannon said he found those irksome, and a little hurtful.

He eventually took down the image.

"The picture did not in any way endanger the safety of that child," he said.