Florida Man Seen Taking Baby Swans From Parents' Nest Is Charged With Theft

Bystanders yelled at a man seen taking baby swans from a nest as their parents tried to save them.

A Florida man seen taking two baby swans right from their parents’ nest has been caught. Richard Harger, 71, was captured on camera putting the babies in a red cooler and as the mom and dad swan went nuts trying to save them.

Bystanders yelled at him to stop, but he persisted, telling them, “They won’t be here tomorrow. They will be dead tomorrow.” He claimed he was rescuing the birds from predators.

“I thought he was going to steal the swans and sell them. There was no doubt in my mind,” a bystander told Inside Edition.

Police in Orlando tracked down Harger and charged him with third degree grand theft.

The little swans have since been reunited with their parents. 

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