Florida Trader Joe's Staffers Sing and Dance for Toddler Having a Meltdown

Julian Sol Collet just wanted to push his sister's big girl cart, but he cheered up when he saw his checkout line buddies dancing.

Every parent has been there — the moment that a trip to the grocery store turns into a full-blown toddler meltdown. 

For 18-month-old Julian Sol Collet, the breaking point was watching his sister get to push her "big girl" cart around their local Trader Joe's in Winter Park, Florida.

At first, Julian was content to be buckled into his mom's cart while he munched on some snacks. But by the time Alexandra Seba, 29, got to the checkout line, Julian was done watching 3-year-old Jade live the big girl cart dream. 

"When we got to the checkout line, he was just fed up, he wanted to get out and push the cart, but I wasn't letting him, so he threw a tantrum, he freaked out," Seba told InsideEdition.com.

That's when the staff of Trader Joe's jumped in. 

"One of the employees there actually knows his name, Julian, so she started singing, 'We love you Ju!' Then a couple of others joined in. It looked like choreography," Seba said. "It was a super cool moment." 

Julian's tantrum was stopped in its tracks, and Seba was relieved that the weekly grocery haul had ended on a high note. 

Like many moms, she knows what it's like to worry about what other people think during a toddler's tantrum.

"It's actually quite terrifying, and you just hope people around you can giggle about it because we're really not in control of our kids as much as we want to be," Seba said.

"Sometimes as moms, we are alone with our children and we have to not get into their energy if they're screaming or they're throwing a tantrum. It can be really easy to get into that energy and just feel defeated," she added. "But if we can just know it's OK, they're just screaming, this isn't about me, I'm totally OK and just laugh about it, I think that helps."