Florida Woman, 77, Shocked to Find Nearly $1 Billion in Account at ATM

"It was a bunch of nines. You know, I can’t count that high," Julia Yonkowski tells Inside Edition. She called the bank to tell them what was going on, and the account balance was soon back to normal.

A 77-year-old Florida woman went to the bank to withdraw some cash and was shocked to find out she had $1 billion in her checking account. Julia Yonkowski was trying to get $20 from the ATM at a Chase in Largo when she found the gigantic mistake. 

“My balance showed I had all of this money in it, and it just terrified me. I thought, oh my God, I’ve got all of this money and it’s not mine,” Yonkowski said.

A whopping $999,985,855.94, to be exact.

“Almost a billion. It was a bunch of nines. You know, I can’t count that high. I’ve never had that amount of money,” Yonkowski said.

She knew it was a mistake right away, and contacted the bank to let them know what was going on. The next time she looked, the checking account was down to where it was supposed to — $10,000.

But one for brief moment, the senior citizen found herself a billionaire. She says she is going to frame the receipt.

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