Florida Woman Allegedly Bites Off Piece of Finger of Child's Father

Florida Woman Allegedly Bites Off Piece of Boyfriend's Finger
Pasco County Sheriff's Office

Police say a fight between a Florida woman and her child’s father led to her biting off a piece of his finger. 

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, 39-year-old Yesenia Casiano “willfully and intentionally” chomped off a bit of his thumb.The pair were living together and share a child.

Casiano allegedly didn’t stop there. Cops say she continued to punch, hit and kick him in the stomach. 

Authorities also say the children who lived there saw the whole thing and pointed police to the missing digit.

The male victim has not yet been identified. InsideEdition.com reached out to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office for comment.

While that victim was being taken to a nearby urgent care clinic, Casiano allegedly took off in a van before authorities caught up with her. 

 Casiano was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. Bond was set at $100.


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