Florida Woman Threatens to Kill Police Officer With a Rock: Cops

Woman allegedly attacks cops w/ rock
Cape Coral Police Department

A woman who called 911 ended up allegedly threatening responding officers with a rock.

When authorities arrived to Jessica Blick’s Cape Coral, Florida location, they say found her walking around with a rock in one hand and cellphone in the other.

As police tried talking to Blick to determine if the 37-year-old called them, she stopped answering, authorities said.

After officers repeatedly told Blick to drop the rock, she then allegedly drew it back like she was going to throw it at one of the officers while saying she was going to kill him, according to WINK.

One cop allegedly tried to Tase Blick, but missed. Blick eventually ended up throwing the rock and hitting a different officer in the shoulder with it, authorities said.

Blick reportedly did not stop once she was handcuffed. She allegedly kicked an officer in the thigh and groin.

After Blick was pepper sprayed, police say she calmed down.

Blick was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery and resisting arrest.


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