Woman Busted for Allegedly Stealing Vehicle Drives Off While Handcuffed — in Cop Car

She reached speeds of 90 mph, with police in hot pursuit.

Wild police footage shows a 36-year-old Oklahoma woman stealing a patrol car after she was taken into custody in the theft of another vehicle. 

Police stopped Angie Frost on March 30, 2018, driving a car that was reported stolen. The footage has just recently been released. 

Frost claimed she didn’t steal the car and had borrowed it from a friend, but cops didn’t buy her story. 

She became hysterical when she was informed she would be going to jail. 

Frost was handcuffed and placed into a patrol car, but she somehow moved from the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat before speeding away.

Cops then jumped into other cruisers and followed her as she reached speeds of as high as 90 mph in the streets of Tulsa. 
It ended as she drove into an apartment complex parking lot, rammed another vehicle and took off running.

Bodycam footage shows officers on the hunt for Frost. Eventually, she was found. 
Frost was defiant as she was re-arrested. 

"You guys told me I was going to jail for something I did not do,” she said. “Now, I’m going to jail for something I did.”

Frost faces multiple charges.