Football Team Surprises Volunteer Coach With New Car After His Was Vandalized

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A beloved football coach at a Tennessee high school was left fighting tears as he was presented with a brand new car in a massive fundraising effort after his vehicle was vandalized.

Narcellus “Coach Squeaky” Black, who has volunteered his time as a coach to football and other sports teams at Tennessee High School in Bristol for the last two decades, couldn’t help but sob when his team, former alumni and members of the community surprised him with the new Kia.

“We have a very generous community and our football family is real tight, so everyone was really willing to help him get a new car,” said Mike Mays, the head coach of the football team.

“When he walked out that door, he really just couldn’t believe it,” Mays said.

His team explained that Black plays an integral part of support for the team — from doing their laundry to doling out important advice when they are going through a difficult personal time.

“I see Squeaky as a grandfather,” said Wyatt Mullins, a 16-year-old offensive guard. “Whenever I need advice from him, I go to him. If I have a hard time in school or life in general, I’ll ask him questions or something and he’ll give me advice.”

Ty Myers, who graduated from the school in 2017, added: “He has always been there for me personally when times got tough with my family. He was always there for encouraging words and I know he’s always been that role and that figure for other kids coming through the high school.”

After Black’s car was vandalized in October, the team decided helping him purchase a brand new one would be a great way to repay him for his dedication.

They reached out to family and alumni for donations and eventually raised more than $3,000.

The dad of one of the football players, who is a car salesman, agreed to work with them on lowering the price of a Kia and they had enough money to purchase the vehicle and a year’s worth of insurance, as well as a money wreath for gas.

“It is so exciting and so moving to see Coach Squeaky receive a gift like this because it doesn’t even compare to the gift he has given to hundreds of kids who have come through this high school,” Myers said.


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