For Wine Lovers Who Want to Live Inside a Bottle of Vino, Have We Got a Deal for You

Wine Bottle AirBnb
This wine bottle holds three bedrooms and no wine.Airbnb

If the idea of vacationing inside a giant wine bottle floats your cork, there is a special place for you.

In northwest India, in the historic city of Chittorgarh, home to a hilltop fort that housed the world's longest monarchy, you can stay in a giant wine bottle for the bargain price of $40 a night.

There's not a drop of wine inside the huge bottle (unless you bring it yourself), but rather three bedrooms, a dining space and an aquarium. 

The 28-feet-long by 11-feet-wide wine bottle is available through Airbnb. It sits on the roof of a tall building and glows red at night. The cylindrical-shaped structure is billed as the "world's largest wine bottle."

One bedroom has a variation on the alcohol theme and is decorated with illuminated beer bottles. The bathroom comes with a tub filled with rose petals and red balloons.

There are other immense sights in the Indian city for traveling tourists. The most famous is the sprawling Chittod Fort, perched nearly 600 feet above the town. It covers nearly 700 acres and contains four palaces, 19 temples and 20 bodies of water.

The fort of Chittod. - Getty

It is the capital of the world's longest-ruling dynasty, the kingdom of Mewar, which ruled for 800 years, according to historical lore.

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