Former President Jimmy Carter Undergoes Surgery After Breaking His Hip in Fall

Jimmy Carter
President Jimmy Carter, pictured in 2015, is recovering after breaking his hip in a fall.Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

The surgery was successful.

Former President Jimmy Carter underwent surgery Monday after falling in his home and breaking his hip.

The 94-year-old is recovering after surgery, which his surgeon said was successful, according to a statement from The Carter Center.

"While leaving to go turkey hunting this morning, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter fell at his home in Plains, Georgia," the statement said. "He is recovering comfortably from surgery to repair a broken hip at Phoebe Sumter Medical Center in Americus, Georgia."

Rosalyn Carter, his wife of nearly 73 years, is with him, the statement said.

"President Carter said his main concern is that turkey season ends this week," the statement continued, "and he has not reached his limit. He hopes the State of Georgia will allow him to rollover the unused limit to next year."

The 39th president battled cancer in 2015. He was diagnosed with melanoma that spread to his brain but announced himself cancer-free to his Sunday school class after undergoing radiation.

When he revealed he had cancer, he said he felt "perfectly at ease with whatever comes."

"I’ve had a wonderful life," he said during a news conference. "I’ve had thousands of friends, I’ve had an exciting, adventurous and gratifying existence."