From Cranberries to Olive Oil, Lifestyle Expert Explains How to Keep Your Favorite Foods Fresh

Erika Katz explains why you should never keep your olive oil next to the stove.

Are you handling your food wrong? Lifestyle expert Erika Katz spoke to Inside Edition about how to make sure your cranberries are fresh, your beer stays cold and your olive oil is stored safely.

Katz explained how to decipher with cranberries are fresh and which are spoiled. “If it bounces, it’s fine and if it just falls flat, throw it out,” she said.

To speed up the ripening of an avocado, place it in a paper bag and it will be ready to be made into guacamole by morning.

And to make sure an ice cold bottle of beer doesn’t warm up too quickly, Katz recommends holding it by its neck.

To keep eggshells out of batter, crack the egg on a flat surface instead of on the side of the bowl.

Olive oil should always be stored in the fridge. Even though most people normally keep it next to the stove, where it is most handy, the frequent heating up and cooling down as a result of the flame is not good for the oil.