From Wrapping Gifts to Stringing Lights, Easy Christmas Hacks to Help You During the Holiday Season

Lifestyle expert Erika Katz shows how the holiday madness can be simplified.

Christmas is just over a week away, but preparing for the holiday doesn't have to be overwhelming. 

Lifestyle expert Erika Katz, the author of Coach Parenting, recently showed Inside Edition how to get your home ready for the Christmas season and avoid those unfortunate holiday pitfalls. 

The family dog can be a little pesky with a tree in the house, but Katz has a way to help keep your hound away from those precious decorations.

She advises dog owners to mix teaspoon of turmeric with some lemonade, then pour it into a spray bottle before spritzing the tree. 

“This will keep your pets far away from your beautiful ornaments,” she said. 

For stringing outdoor lights, she recommends using zip ties to keep them in place and snipping off the ends with scissors.

You can even make your own decorations using a wine glass. 

First, place the glass upside down on cardboard, trace a circle, and then cut it out. 

Then, on the cardboard, glue on a little figure like a Santa Claus and then fill your wine glass with sugar, salt, or anything that looks like snow. 

Put some hot glue around the rim of the wine glass then place the cardboard with the figurine on the rim to cap it off. 

Flip the glass over, and voila! You have a holiday snow globe. 

If you are finding it difficult to wrap your awkward shaped gifts, she has a simple solution. 

If you're giving a football and a jersey, use the latter to wrap the ball, Katz says.

“We have a gift in a gift,” she told Inside Edition. “It's better than using wrapping paper.” 

You can also use a dish towel to wrap kitchen utensils and tie them all together with a ribbon. 

Decorating cookies can be a lot of fun but here's how to avoid making a mess. 

“Put your frosting in a ketchup or mustard bottle,” Katz said. It's a simple way for kids to apply frosting without creating a kitchen disaster.

When the holidays are over, wrap your Christmas lights around a simple clothes hanger to keep them from getting tangled.