Frontier Airlines Makes Deal to Gift Flight Vouchers in Exchange for Adopting Kittens Named After Airlines

image of three cats named "Frontier," "Delta," "Spirit"
Twitter/Animal Foundation

Frontier Airlines and the Animal Foundation of Las Vegas joined to find three kittens their fur-ever home.

Want extra meow-lage?

Frontier Airlines announced a purrr-fect way to get three kittens named after different airlines adopted.

The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas announced in December the names of three kittens that joined their kitten nursery: Frontier, Delta, and Spirit. 

Spirit was initially going to be named Southwest but due to the airline's holiday issues, the foundation’s marketing team requested the name change, according to the announcement.

Frontier saw the kitten bearing its name and said it would donate flight vouchers to the people who adopt any of the three kittens.

“This is so sweet! Thank you for the honor, @animalfndlv! We'd love to donate two flight vouchers each to the people who adopt @Delta and @Spirit; and four vouchers to the person who adopts Frontier,” said the airline in a tweet.

Frontier said that the vouchers will be worth $250 each so people that adopt either Spirit or Delta will get a total of $500 in vouchers and the person that adopts Frontier will receive $1,000 in flight vouchers, CNN reported. 

The Animal Foundation said it is still too early to adopt right now but to keep an eye on its adoption page to see when the kittens are available.

Frontier said the kittens are growing and should be about three weeks from being available to adopt, according to a Facebook post.

“This story is near and dear to our hearts as we are committed to bringing awareness to our animal friends,” said the airline.

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