Georgia 18-Year-Old Dies After Saving Girlfriend’s Sister Who Was Dragged Out to Sea

Daniel Rowe, 18
Daniel Rowe, 18GoFundMe

Daniel Rowe, 18, “valiantly fought against the relentless water currents,” to help guide his girlfriend’s 14-year-old sister back to shore, his girlfriend said.

An 18-year-old in Georgia died after being taken off life support following his heroic efforts to save his girlfriend’s sister swept out to sea by a rip current. 

Daniel Rowe, 18, was with his girlfriend's family on a vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when tragedy struck on June 20, according to a GoFundMe created by his girlfriend, Kamanny George.

George’s family along with Rowe were out in the ocean swimming when an undercurrent swept them deep into the sea where they no longer could reach the ocean floor, George said. The entire family struggled in the deep water but Rowe “valiantly fought against the relentless water currents,” to help guide George’s 14-year-old sister back to shore, according to George.

“The fear in everyone's voices was overwhelming as we struggled to stay afloat and ensure the safety of the younger members of our group,” George wrote.

Unfortunately, the efforts exhausted Rowe and he lost consciousness and drowned, the fundraising page said. 

“The rest of us were also on the verge of physical exhaustion when lifeguards arrived and rescued us, followed by the timely arrival of paramedics who managed to revive Daniel and restore his pulse,” George wrote.

Following the tragic event, Rowe was brought to the hospital and put on life support after sustaining brain injuries in the incident, his cousin said on Facebook

Rowe was pronounced brain dead and succumbed to his injuries after being taken off life support on Monday, according to a GoFundMe created for the family. 

Rowe had just completed his freshman year at Kennesaw State University and was enjoying his summer break when the horrific event occurred, the fundraising page said. 

His family is now trying to raise money to have his body transported from South Carolina to his family in Georgia, according to the GoFundMe page.

“During this incredibly challenging time, any support would mean the world to me and my family,” George wrote. “I am aware that Daniel's family also deeply appreciates any help they receive. I humbly request your generosity and assistance during this trying period. Your support, in whatever form it may come, will make an immense difference to us.”

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