Georgia Teen Behind Yanny/Laurel Debate Reveals What the Word Really Is

She was a Yanny.

The young women who led the world to wonder whether they heard "Yanny or Laurel" have revealed themselves.

Cloe Feldman of California didn't make the recording herself, but it was her tweet about the recording that triggered the phenomenon.

"I posted it on Twitter," she told "I didn’t think much of it and I woke up the next morning to all these mentions and tweets from celebrities and different news outlets and I saw this tweet basically blew up."

Feldman decided to make it her mission to find the person who made the recording. 

"Her name is Katie," Feldman said. "She emailed me and we have been talking. It was her vocabulary project and she was playing the word out loud and ended up coming up with this phenomenon."

That word was apparently "Laurel." But that's not what Katie Hetzel heard when she played the word on

"I heard 'Yanny' and I knew that wasn't one of my vocab words," Hetzel said. "So I had my friend... listen to it, and he heard 'Laurel.'"

Hetzel said that's when she realized different people heard different words. She posted a recording on Instagram, which was posted by others both on Instagram and elsewhere on its way to becoming a full-fledged viral phenomenon. 

Hetzel, a freshman at a Georgia High School, discovered just how far the sensation had spread Tuesday, which also happened to be her birthday.

"It's just crazy," the teen said.

For those who can recall, it’s the audio equivalent of "the dress," which drove America crazy back in 2015 as millions disputed whether the outfit was white and gold or black and blue.  

Inside Edition’s audio engineer, Michael, is among the many who listened to the clip. He says it sounds like "Laurel."

According to some, the word a listener hears depends on their speakers' bass, pitch or volume.

But when Michael took the bass out, he says he still heard "Laurel."