'Giraffe Mom' Reacts to April the Giraffe Pregnancy: 'Might Have a Surprise Coming!'

April's pregnancy was announced Wednesday.

With April the Giraffe pregnant again after her viral fame last year, a mom who live streamed her own "countdown" said the competition may be on again. 

Erin Dietrich, of South Carolina, hilariously parodied the April the Giraffe live stream last year, donning a giraffe mask in the last month of her pregnancy and making her own viral video.

So when it was announced Wednesday on the "Today" show that April is pregnant again, Dietrich's phone "was blowing up."

Dietrich, who was dubbed "Giraffe Mom," gave birth to her son, Porter Lane, on March 8. April the Giraffe gave birth to Tajiri on April 15, long after her first anticipated due date.

Porter even had the chance to meet Tajiri when he was just 5 weeks old. The mom and son captured adorable photos with the famous giraffe and her calf. Now, Dietrich and her son are pretty well-known as well.

"I can't believe how much I get recognized!" she said. “Like, out in public ... they put two and two together and they're like, 'Are you the giraffe lady? Is that the giraffe baby?'"

Baby Porter has giraffe paraphernalia all over his room as well. 

Now that Porter is 16 months and April is pregnant again, many are wondering whether Dietrich will have her own announcement to share soon.

“I kinda feel like ... competition. Like, you know, April's going again, like, I kinda gotta go again!" she said. “I don't know, we'll have to see what the future holds!  Might have a surprise coming!"