Glen Campbell's Widow Reveals Court Battle Over Country Legend's $50 Million Estate

Kim Campbell has been accused by some of the late country icon's children that she blocked them from visiting him in his final years.

The widow of country legend Glen Campbell is opening up about the battle over her late husband's reported $50 million estate and accusations that she blocked some of his children from visiting him while he fought Alzheimer’s.

"It has been very painful and hurtful," Kim Campbell told Inside Edition exclusively. “It’s a nightmare to have people on the internet threatening to kill you because they think you are this horrible person who wouldn't let people visit, which is totally false."

The country icon died last August after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.

Kim says caring for her husband became impossible as the disease began to take its toll.

“You don't get any sleep because they have their days and nights mixed up. They are up wandering around all the time,” she said. “Glen became combative, so that was heartbreaking and also dangerous."

Adding to the stress, two of his children from another marriage took her to court, claiming she blocked them from visiting their dad at his Nashville nursing home.

“I never ever denied them a visit — ever," she said. "They never ever called me to see how he was doing or if they could help."

Three of Campbell’s children, including his eldest son Travis, are suing after they were left out of their dad's will.

“That was all done in 2002 and that was a choice that was made by Glen — not me — and there were reasons for it," Kim Campbell said. 

She also claims Travis did not visit his father in more than 20 years. 

Kim is also sounding off against country star Tanya Tucker, whom he had a volatile relationship with in the early 80s. Following Campbell’s death, Tucker sang "Forever Loving You," as a tribute to the late singer for Inside Edition. 

“This Tanya Tucker, who dated my husband for a hot minute 35 years ago, going on TV the day after my husband dies, 'Forever Loving You,' exploiting my husband," she said.

Tanya Tucker sent Inside Edition a statement saying she has nothing but love in her heart for the entire Campbell family, adding that she released her tribute song to Glen Campbell to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.

Kim says she's wants to move past all of the drama. She's working with Global Alzheimer's Platform Foundation, which is partnering with ride service Lyft to provide transportation for people with Alzheimer’s who participate in clinical trials. 
“It's devastating to lose someone to this disease," she said. "It's heartbreaking but I want to bring something positive out of it." 

She hopes to honor her late husband’s legacy by helping to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.