The Golden Globes' 'Fiji Water Girl' Offers Tips on the Perfect Photobomb

Model Kelleth Cuthbert has some tips on how to perfect the art of the photobomb.

The unlikely star of the Golden Globes happened to be a woman handing out water.

The woman known as the “Fiji Water Girl” became a social media sensation for holding a tray of Fiji water bottles and photobombing A-list celebrities on the red carpet.

She posed near Amy Adams, Idris Elba, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Jamie Lee Curtis and Heidi Klum, among others, leveling a singular stare at the camera each time.

But it was all a stunt.  

The woman's name is Kelleth Cuthbert and she's a model living in Los Angeles who was hired, along with three other models, to hand out the water bottles on the red carpet, but she's the only one who managed to get in all those photos. 

She's already giving tips online on how to achieve the perfect photobomb.

“You just wanna creep over, always make eye contact. It's all about the sultry look If you're holding something, you wanna keep it visible,” she said. 

Fiji is delighted with all the free publicity, posting the photos on social media with the caption: “And the award for Best Supporting Actress in Every Picture goes to... #FIJIwatergirl.”

Following all of the attention, Cuthbert took to Twitter Monday to thank everyone for the acclaim. 

In light of her new celebrity, she has been posting older modeling shots of herself. 

Many have taken her posing on the red carpet and made memes out of her.