Golden Retriever Working Like a Dog, Helping Master Mow the Lawn and Plow Fields

This dog gives new meaning to man's best friend.

A dog in Northern Ireland is showing off how much he loves pulling his weight around the farm as he mows the lawn and plows the field with his master. 

Rambo the Golden Retriever has become quite the attraction in County Down, Northern Ireland. Locals watch in disbelief as he enjoys riding tractors and lawn mowers, sometimes by himself. 

The 6-year-old dog and father of four puppies, has helped his master, Albert Reid, do chores around his property, including cutting down corn and trimming hedges.

“Nobody could believe it," Reid, 66, told SWNS. "When they saw it, they had to take photographs and video him. We have people that come to our yard who are just lost for words when they see him do his tricks. He is such a good dog as well. He is just too friendly and so welcoming with all the people that come 'round.”

The dog even appears to crack a smile while focusing on his work. 

“I put him up on the tractor and then the dog will start his work from there,” Reid added. “He has such a great temperament as well.”

Reid, a retired truck driver, says he knew back when Rambo was a puppy that he had a special dog.

“From a pup I just told him to sit there and I went out around the yard and he would just sit there and watch me,” he said. “He helps me out a lot and he is good company to have.”