Good Samaritans Rescue Driver After Truck Flips Over

The army of volunteers swarmed the scene within seconds.

A news helicopter in Oak Brook, Illinois, caught an accident on camera as it happened, filming a truck blowing a tire and rolling over on Interstate 88 Monday. 

The driver of the pickup was trapped and the roof was crushed, but within seconds, good Samaritans came to his rescue. 

The stunning display of humanity was caught by the chopper pilot from WLS.
Others joined in, including off-duty fireman Tom Meyers.

"In a time when you see something like that happen you urge others to help," he told WLS

The group worked as a team to get the car on its side. The helpers cut the driver’s seat belt and helped him to safety.

Driver Orlando Hernandez, 32, is a lucky man. 

"What I heard was, ‘Oh my God, are you OK? Is he alright? Are you, like, conscious?’ I just screamed out, ‘I am fine! I just need someone to help me get out of here!’” he recalled to Inside Edition. "Everybody got together, you know, people of different cultures, races, everybody got together in that one instance. It sort of shows you what we as humans can do."

The good Samaritans gave him a round of applause, but Hernandez says they're the ones who deserve a standing ovation.

"If they are watching right now, thank you guys! You guys really are the heroes, you guys really are my guardian angels," Hernandez added. 

Hernandez walked away nearly unscathed and just had a few scratches.