Google Blocks QAnon-Related Searches on Shopping Tab as Tech Giants Take Stance Against the Conspiracy Theory

Tech giants are taking stronger stances against the web of conspiracy theories.
Tech giants are taking stronger stances against the web of conspiracy theories. (Getty)

Google is blocking shopping searches related to QAnon, a web of far-right conspiracy theories that falsely alleges President Trump and his supporters are taking charge against a secret group that has been controlling the U.S. for decades. The move by Google comes as concerns mount about its role in spreading misinformation and falsehoods.  

The search engine and tech giant has banned the search term on its shopping tab as online sellers peddle merchandise supporting the theory.

“We do not allow ads or products that promote hatred, intolerance, discrimination or violence against others,” a Google spokesperson said, according to The Telegraph.

Google also removed QAnon-related apps from their Play Store earlier this year.

This comes as other tech giants are acting against the far-right web of conspiracy theories. Last week, Facebook removed a group of nearly 200,000 members after vowing to monitor groups related to QAnon.

This also comes shortly after Twitter removed thousands of accounts that spread QAnon conspiracy theories, and vowed to block QAnon-related discussion from appearing in trending topics and search, and stop allowing users to post links to any theories.


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